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Internship Opportunities

The following are local organizations and companies that have provided Cal Poly Kinesiology students with valuable and exciting fieldwork opportunities in the past. Students are also strongly advised to personally seek out companies, organizations, and sites that are of interest and/or directly relate to their career goals. Most of these companies do not have internship application on their websites, as student applications are submitted through the department's Fieldwork Coordinator.

When selecting an internship site, please note the section of a site should match the student's need to fulfill professional and academic goals. The following points should be considered when selecting a site:

  1. The site should be a recognized and established hospital/clinic, private/public/non-profit or corporate setting that welcomes students.
  2. The site should have a well-balanced program that provides a variety of experiences, appropriate for the student's continued professional growth.
  3. The site must have a qualified supervisor for the student. This supervisor should be willing to mentor the student, initiate evaluations, be available for problem-solving, to introduce the student to new skills, and to guide the student in a professional manner.
  4. The site staff should be willing to conduct an orientation program and provide active leadership training for the student.
  5. The site should have sound administrative policies and procedures relating to budget and finance, publicity and public relations, operations, and personnel management.
  6. The site should encourage the student's professional growth.
  7. The on-site supervisor must be willing to periodically evaluate the student and hold the student responsible to complete assigned tasks

These links are provided for further information about each organization to help students determine the type of experience they'd like to acquire. All links open in new tabs. 

American Red Cross

Apple Inc., Wellness

Athlon Elite

Cal Poly Strength and Conditioning Program

Community Health Centers

Compass Health - Corporate Wellness Program

Cuesta College Athletic Training 

Equilibrium Fitness - SLO

French Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Google Wellness


Kennedy Club Fitness

Mission Prep High School

County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department

Special Olympics

Contact Information for Kinesiology Internships:

Nicole Hagobian, Ph.D.
Bldg 43A, Room 366
(805) 756-2545

Contact Information for Public Health Internships:

Christine Nelson, MPH
Bldg 43A, Room 35
(805) 756-2545

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