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Students take blood pressure during lab.


To promote physical activity and health for all through excellence in teaching, research, and service.


1. Inspire Student Learning and Success

We incorporate effective and innovative teaching practices in classroom, research, and community settings.  We are committed to ensuring that students develop critical thinking skills that have real-world applications, and prepare them for their chosen careers. We are committed to mentoring our students to fulfill their potential.

 2. Excel in Discovery and Innovation 

We create, apply and share new knowledge to solve problems and inform evidence-based practice. We conduct impactful multidisciplinary research following the highest scientific and ethical standards.

 3. Serve and Partner with Communities 

We collaborate with local, state, national, and international communities to advance science, enhance student learning, and strengthen community wellbeing. We believe in creating sustainable relationships that recognize the importance of shared decision-making.

4. Promote Equity in Everything We Do 

We strive to identify, understand and address explicit and implicit barriers to equity. We examine our individual biases, practice humility, and foster respect and transparency in our collective work. 

5. Foster a Fair, Transparent, and Fulfilling Workplace 

We believe a workplace must support teamwork, respect for one another, and diversity of backgrounds. We accept our responsibility to ensure that all our activities are open and transparent and that decisions are justified. We enjoy our work and appreciate being part of a department that is working for the common good of improving lives

Degree Programs

The Department of Kinesiology and Public Health offers the following degree programs:

BS in Kinesiology

     Kinesiology Flow Charts

     Kinesiology ‘22-26 Course Offerings

BS in Public Health

     Public Health Flow Charts

     Public Health ‘22-26 Course Offerings

Minor in Exercise and Sport Studies

Concentration and Minors

Community Connection

Connect with our department community on social media. 


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