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Kinesiology Internships

Throughout its history, Cal Poly has emphasized hands-on, career-oriented education, where bridges are regularly made between general principles and practical applications. In keeping with this philosophy, the Kinesiology and Public Health Department offers a fieldwork program which provides a supervised, professional field experience in a variety of settings appropriate for the students’ interests and career goals. This practical education helps students develop a realistic approach toward securing employment in their chosen profession. These practical experiences provide the essential bridge between theory and practice and/or administration in Kinesiology related areas. 

KINE 463 - Kinesiology Internship

KINE 463 is a required course for students studying under the Health Promotion and Exercise Science tracks, and involves 70-200 hours of practical, related experience over a ten week period at an approved agency. Students participate under the direct supervision of an approved on site coordinator. 

KINE 463 is NOT a requirement for ICS (Independent Course of Study) students, but may be highly recommended depending on professional goals. 

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing, minimum GPA of 2.0, successful completion of relevant concentration coursework and consent of fieldwork coordinator.

Several local organizations and companies have provided Cal Poly Kinesiology students with valuable and exciting fieldwork opportunities in the past. Students are strongly advised to personally seek out companies, organizations, and sites that are of interest and/or directly relate to their career goals. 

Local Internship Opportunities for KINE 463

All students must read and complete the Internship Manual and Application (pdf) before scheduling a mandatory meeting with Jennifer O'Brien, the Kinesiology  and Public Health Department Fieldwork Coordinator. 


    Summer Quarter: 1st week of Winter Quarter

    Fall Quarter: 1st week of Spring Quarter

    Winter Quarter: 1st week of Summer Quarter

    Spring Quarter: 1st week of Fall Quarter


Contact Information:

Jennifer O'Brien, M.S.

Bldg 43A, Room 458

(805) 756-2545


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