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Kinesiology and Public Health - Internships

KPH Internship Program Information Session | October 4th at 10:10am

If you are planning to take KINE/HLTH 463 - Internship - as your required capstone experience in either WINTER or SPRING of 2023, please plan to attend the upcoming informational session with the internship coordinators, Dr. Hagobian and Professor Nelson on Tuesday, October 4th at 10:10am – 11am (Building 43A-150-B). Please review the internship website prior to attending the meeting.


For the Cal Poly Academic Catalog 2019-2020, the internship experience is an option for students in Kinesiology and Public Health. It offers students practical experience  at an approved agency that provides exercise, fitness, and/or public health promotion programs as a capstone experience. Students participate in program administration under the direct supervision of an approved on-site coordinator as a capstone experience. This experience is designed to bridge a student’s academic study with their professional development and career goals. Internships are not restricted to San Luis Obispo County.


KINE 463 - Exercise Science and Health Promotion Fieldwork

Junior or Senior standing, minimum GPA of 2.0, successful completion of relevant coursework in their major and for the agency where they will complete their internship.

HLTH 463 - Public Health Internship

Prerequisite: Senior standing; completion of graduation writing requirement; minimum GPA of 3.0; HLTH/KINE 434; and HLTH/KINE 435.

Internship Guidelines

  • Students are highly encouraged to arrange their own internship much like securing future employment in their chosen profession. Also, internships provide agencies with the opportunity to assess potential employees and to be a partner in the preparation of future professionals.
  • Students may choose from a list of agencies where previous students have interned. Students will still need to contact the agency and on-site supervisor to obtain an internship.
  • A student’s current employment may qualify for credit but must be preapproved.
  • Students can do an internship fall, winter, spring and/or summer quarters. Internships are secured at least one quarter prior to the experience.
  • Internships involve 200 hours of practical, career related experience over one or two quarters.

Prior to Internship

Step 1:

  • Students meet with coordinators according to the timeframe listed below prior to the internship experience to determine if the prerequisites are met.
  • For Internships, meet with Coordinator(s) no later than:
Fall First week of Spring Quarter
Winter First Week of Fall Quarter
Spring First week of Winter Quarter
Summer First Week of February

Step: 2:

  • Submit a current resume and cover letter.
  • Verification of CPR/AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & Automated External Defibrillator) certification if applicable to the internship.
  • Completion of an Internship Application and Contract Form confirming location, site supervisor approval, expectations, goals and objectives for the internship.
  • Completion of two forms required by Academic Program and Planning – University Release Agreement and Site Self-Assessment and Student Acknowledgement of Risks

Step 3:

  • By the 10th week of the quarter prior to the internship, ensure all documents have been completed.
  • Once approved, students register for the KINE 463 or HLTH 463. Add codes will be provided. Students can register for 1 to 3 units.

Start internship


  • During the internship, students are to post weekly logs, noting days and hours worked on PolyLearn. These logs are also to reflect a student’s experience, what they have learned, areas needed for improvement, and a significant experience they had in the week.
  • The Cal Poly Kinesiology and Public Health faculty internship coordinator will send the on-site supervisor two student evaluations midway and at final week of the internship.

After the Internship

  •  The student submits the Student Exit Questionnaire and Reflection on PolyLearn by Friday of the last week of the quarter.

Contact Information:

Prof. Christine Nelson
Bldg 43A, Room 355

Dr. Nicole Hagobian
Bldg 43A, Room 366

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