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Thank You to Our 2016-17 Donors

Private support from alumni, parents, friends, businesses and agencies enables our department to continue to provide exceptional Learn by Doing projects and opportunities for today’s students. The organizations and individuals below donated to the department during the 2016-17 academic year.

We sincerely appreciate your support.

Departmental Donors


Marin Community Foundation
Jennifer A. Maxwell


M.C. Bartelt
Elizabeth M. Rizzi


Brian B. and Cynthia S. Der Matoian
Kurt and Sandra Kruger
Ann L. and John S. Noe
Ronald J. and Ruth W. Vasconcellos


Roland W. Graham and Dianne Wilson-Graham
Kathleen M. and Robert G. Holmgren
Rick A. and Catrina S. Morefield
Terry Ward and Judith Barrett


Duke Ancich
Terri A. and Fred W. Bogart
Janice M. and Norm Clevenger
Clark D. Conover
Charles H. Cressman III
Debby C. and John Day
Lisa A. Delpy Neirotti
Gary R. and Mary J. Dreifuerst
Lynn M. and E. Ruth Dyche
Karen L. Ferreira
Debbie L. and Eric A. Greenband
Richard M. Jones
Brian M. Locher
Tyler R. Mariucci

Ellen S. Marshall
Analicia K. Martin
Patricia Hosegood Martin and Randall L. Martin
Marco M. and Georgette A. Meyer
Loren L. Milburn
Kathleen F. and Dave Nassi
Katherine and Eddie Niederfrank
Gary L. Plotner
Frank N. and Sandra A. Slaton
Neil F. Sundberg
Judith L. Taggart
Janet S. and David L. Williams
John E. and Karen D. Wood

$99 and below

Laurie W. and Ronald G. Aronovsky
Mary C. and Gordon J. Blackwood
Michael J. Butcher
Wendy S. Chan
Jerry C. and Vicky F. Clark
Bradley S. and Lynnette Giacobazzi
Kathy T. Hajopoulos
Laura E. Hoffinger
Gail Giovannetti and Keith Leland
Sheila M. McCarthy

Kylie A. Metzger
Nancy J. Negri
Michael A. and Pamela M. Newell
Garland B. and Dona J. Privitt
Jill J. Robison
Kimberlee A. and Warren D. Shelton
Christopher J. Sparber
Brian G. and Katrina D. Spradling
Lynette D. and Jeff Toepfer

We have made every effort to ensure that the above information is correct. Donors and friends who find an error or inconsistency regarding their information can call the Kinesiology Department at 805-756-2545 or email us at kinesiology@calpoly.edu. We will take care to make any needed corrections quickly. Thank you again for your support.

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