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Camille O'Bryant, Ph.D.

Camille O'Bryant

"My ultimate goal is to empower students to take responsibilty for their experiences in the classroom."

- Camille O'Bryant, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Academic Background

  • The Ohio State University | Ph.D., in Sport, Leisure and Somatic Studies, 1996
  • Smith College | M. S., in Exercise and Sport Studies, 1986
  • Smith College | A. B., in French Studies, 1983

Sample Courses

  • Psycho/social Aspects of Physical Acitivity
  • Sport and Gender
  • Sport, Media and American Popular Culture

Teaching Philosophy

The foundational premise of my teaching philosophy is based on my initial respect for each student as an individual and an adult. I value the important roles that critical thinking and academic integrity play in higher education. As such, I attempt to implement opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and writing skills that help them become more aware of their professional and academic rights and responsibilities. My teaching approach is primarily student-centered. My ultimate goal is to empower students to take responsibility for their experiences in the classroom.

Research and Interests

My research interests rest at the intersection of psychology and sociology of sport and physical activity, especially where race/ethnicity, gender and gender identity impact the socialization experiences of people engaged in sport and physical activity.


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