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The Kinesiology and Public Health Department faculty are fully dedicated to making every student's experience at Cal Poly fulfilling, meaningful, and challenging. All faculty members have substantial industry experience and are readily available to share that experience with students for both academic and career counseling.

REMINDER: Office hours are not finalized until the 2nd week of the quarter. Please contact the instructor via email or phone until office hours are posted.

Department Chair

Photograph of Kristine Jankovitz, Ph.D.

Kristine Jankovitz, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-458E // Phone: 805-756-2545

Email: kjankovi@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Health Education

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Photograph of Robert D. Clark, Ph.D.

Robert D. Clark, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-364 // Phone: 805-756-0285

Email: rdclark@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Neuromechanical basis for movement; Biomechanics and Motor Control.

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Photograph of Don Clegg

Don Clegg, MS

Office: 43A-373 // Phone: 805-756-2182

Email: dclegg@calpoly.edu

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Photograph of Steven Craig Davis, Ph.D.

Steven Craig Davis, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-353 // Phone: 805-756-2754

Email: sdavis@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Exercise and Applied Physiology

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Photograph of Christine Hackman, Ph.D.

Christine Hackman, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-354 // Phone: 805-756-1363

Email: chackman@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: 


Photograph of Kellie Green Hall

Kellie Green Hall, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Science & Mathematics

Office: 25-231 // Phone: 805-756-1776

Email: kghall@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Motor Behavior

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Photograph of Todd Hagobian

Todd Hagobian, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-369 // Phone: 805-756-7511

Email: thagobia@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Exercise Physiology and Energy Metabolism. Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes Prevention.

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Photograph of Camille O'Bryant.

Camille O'Bryant, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Science & Mathematics

Office: 25-232 // Phone: 805-756-1787

Email: cobryant@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Psychosocial aspects of physical activity and sports; Multicultural issues in sport and physical education.

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Photograph of Jens Omli

Jens Omli

Office: 43A-351 // Phone: 805-756-2196

Email: jomli@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: 


Photograph of Suzanne Phelan, Ph.D.

Suzanne Phelan, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-374 // Phone: 805-756-2087

Email: sphelan@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Obesity Treatment and Prevention

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Photograph of Heather Starnes, Ph.D.

Heather Starnes, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-366 // Phone: 805-756-2541

Email: hstarnes@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Physical Activity Public Health, Built Environment and Physical Activity, Assessment of Physical Activity Environments

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Photograph of Kevin Taylor, Ph.D.

Kevin Taylor, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-454 // Phone: 805-756-2545

Email: jktaylor@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) and Adapted Physical Activity.

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Photograph of Alison K. Ventura, Ph.D.

Alison K. Ventura, Ph.D.

Office: 43A-371 // Phone: 805-756-5693

Email: akventur@calpoly.edu

Area of Specialization: Obesity Prevention during Infancy and Early Childhood; Parent-Child Interactions; Caregiver Feeding Practices

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Cory Greever

Cory Greever, Ph.D. ,

Office: 43A-366 // Phone: 805-756-2103

Email: greever@calpoly.edu









Sarah Keedle

Sarah Keadle, Ph. D.,

Office: 43A-370 // Phone: 805-756-1785

Email: skeadle@calpoly.edu

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